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How to manage an Agile project and what is Scrum?

Software projects are changing constantly.
Agile Project Management is about embracing change, even late in the development stage.
First let’s watch a 5 minute video to understand Agile:

Key points: 

  • Agile software development is based on an incremental, iterative approach.
  • Instead of in-depth planning at the beginning of the project, Agile methodologies are open to changing requirements over time and encourages constant feedback from the end users.
  • Cross-functional teams will focus on various iterations of a product over a period of time, meanwhile this information is organized into a backlog that is prioritized based on business or customer value.
  • The goal of each iteration is to produce a working product.
  • Using agile methodology allows your team to deliver the features with the greatest value for your business, while obtaining instant updated information, to tightly manage time, costs and the scope of the operation.

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What is Scrum methodology?

Scrum is one of the Agile methodologies that is extremely powerful in software development. Scrum is a popular implementation of the Agile project which goes hand in hand with the  lean startup methodology
Let’s watch this 7 min video about the Scrum methodology:

Key points: 

3 key roles:

  • The product owner: This is there person responsible for defining the features that are needed for the product.
  • The Scrum Master: Designated person who is responsible for leading daily meetings, coordinating schedules, recording updates, attending issues and collaborating with both product owner and team members.
  • The team members: The team can be made of developers, testers, UX designer & anyone else helping assisting in with the product.

3 Artifacts:

  • The product backlog: This is where the product owner creates & prioritizes the list of features that could go into the product, this list evolves frequently during the project.
    The product owner create “user stories” to be understood : “as a ___, I need ___, So that ___”
  • Sprint backlog: Here you will find in a sprint backlog the features or user stories that the team have to develop during the sprint (2 to 4 weeks)
  • Burn down chart: This chart shows the progress during the sprint on the completion of tasks on the sprint backlog. This chart should approach 0 as the work has being completed

3 ceremonies:

  • The Sprint Planning is where the product owner, the scrum master & the team meet to discuss the user stories for the next sprint & estimate their relative size
  • The Daily Scrum is a brief stand up meeting where the team explains what they have completed since the last stand up meeting, what they are working on & anything that might need assitance or attention
  • The sprint review occurs at the end of the sprint. This is where the team demonstrate the completed work to the product owner & the team discusses what they can do to improve the process of moving forward


Scrum Summary

Do you need a summary? The Scrum methodology in 2 min!


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