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Why thinking about Culture & Values for a Startup?

Corporate culture can be resumed as: Everyday core values & actions of each member of the team in pursuit of the company mission

Who better than Zappos to talk about corporate culture?
In this video you will see one of the companies that pushed the corporate culture to its paroxysm, and who succeeded in  turning it into a competitive advantage (9min)

Key points:

  • Create a corporate culture in which the employees feel at home and are happy to work in your company
  • A happy employee will try his best to make his customers happy
  • Customer centricity will help you to understand your client, give a good image of the company, will make your customers satisfied & will create a competitive advantage on a long term

To speak concretely & to give you an example, you will find below the Zappos 10 core values below:
1) Deliver WOW through Service
2) Embrace and Drive Change
3) Create fun & a little Weirdness
4) Be adventurous, creative & open-minded
5) Pursue growth & learning
6) Build open & honest relationships
7) Build a positive team & family
8) Do more with less
9) Be passionate & determined
10) Be humble

If you want to have an other example you can check our values here !


Culture in Startups

Brian Chesky (CEO of Airbnb) & Alfred Lin (venture capitalist & ex COO & CTO of Zappos) are speaking about Culture in startups
We recommend you to take the time to see this video (50min)!

Key points: 

A good corporate culture helps to:

  • Give the first principles to follow for the employees
  • Align people with company values
  • Maintain stability to the company
  • Give trust to the employees & the customers
  • Retain the good employees 

To create our company core values you can start with answering theses following questions:

  • As a leader, what personal values are important for you?
  • What are the most important values for your company business?
  • What values will you look for in employees?
  • What could never be tolerated?
  • How to incorporate you mission into your corporate values?

The best way to keep our company values through years is to be focus on them while your are hiring.
We strongly recommend you to interview on skills & aptitude but also on values !
Remember that your first employees will define your company, you need people who believe in your vision & project almost as much as you do


Company Culture, Vision and Mission

And one more great video from Michael J Skok from Harvard i-lab (1H55)

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