Entrepreneurial Behavior

Entrepreneurs & Work-Life Balance

What is an entrepreneur life ? How to behave ? How about a work-life balance ?
In the startup area, if you want to achieve something there is one solution : Work really really hard !!!
Before beginning your startup you need to understand that you will never work harder in your life than during this period of time (usually 2-3 years)

Oussama Ammar (who is one of the cofounder of the Family) gives you a very good idea of the Entrepreneurial Behavior (watch in priority the beginning until the minute 30) !

Key points:  

  • As an entrepreneur you will not have a good work-life balance
    You have to understand that you have to be very strategic towards balancing things on the short term & on the long term
  • To succeed as an entrepreneur you need to make some choices in your life & set priorities
    –> In a entrepreneur life you will find balance in the long term by changing your focus & priorities.
    To give you a shocking way of understanding that, there are 5 basics elements which can define your life :
    – Work
    – Family
    – Friends
    – Hobbies
    – Everything else

If you want to be an entrepreneur just pick 2 ! You can not do all the 5 and be successful at the same time.
An entrepreneur should be very focus on his job & one other element while he is working on his startup.
You will have time later to focus on your friends & your hobbies…

There is no miracle to be a good entrepreneur : Give yourself the chance to succeed by working as hard as you have never done before.


Qualities of a Great Founder

Reid Garrett Hoffman which is an internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and
the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn explains what the qualities are to be a great founder (50 min)

Key points:

  • Team : It is always better to have a team of 2-3 co-founders (always better than to create a company alone)
  • Location : Be in the same location as your co-founders & work closely to your customers
  • Temperament : Be flexible, persistent, confident but be attentive to your customers, be tough, stay calm & most of all you need to act quickly
  • Risk : You need to take risks but always try to minimize them
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