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Google Analytics for Webmaster

This video will give you a great intro about Google Analytics in less than 1 minute. This video contains topics like tracking a website, setting goals, monitor metrics, visualize traffic sources and visitor date and lots more … Check it out!


This 10 minutes video is a really good way to start. The lesson is about understanding what “digital measurement” means and recognizing why digital analytics tools like Google Analytics are important to implement for your business.
Google analytics helps a lot to measure your SEO success, these 2 subjects are closely linked.

Key points:

  • Some of the major trends that have change the game for any type of business are the internet (information), mobile devices (easy access) and cloud computing (cheap, practical computing power)
  • You need to collect, distribute data and analyse it to improve your business results.
  • Nowadays customers are more in control, for that reason business need reliable, holistic, real time customer analytics.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data are necessary to have a compressive vision and to know the why of your customers.
  • You need to have a clear measurement strategy to guide your implementation strategy and your data analysis. Link your business objectives with measureable outcomes.
  • It’s important to measure macro and micro conversions. In this way you can understand which experiences help driving the right outcomes to your site.
  • Data can be the driver of a continual improvement process for your business. The steps to repeat are : measure, report, analyze and test

Click here to get a full course from Google Analytics on Youtube.


Google Analytics First Steps

This 3 minutes video give you in clear way the 4 steps in Google Analytics that will help you gain a clear, comprehensive picture of your business!

This are the 4 first steps:

  • Add the tracking code to your site so you can collect data about user behavior.
  • Define goals to identify the critical actions users need to take on your side.
  • Link your analytics and ad words account so you can evaluate your marketing.
  • Look at the reports to better understand the performance of your site.

Knowing your audience and what they want is an important success factor for any website.
Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service which tracks and reports website traffic.
Google Analytics is a must have for every blog !!!


Google Analytics Tutorial

Here is a good video to understand the basics of Google Analytics (17min). Learn how to analyse your website data (how many visitors come to visit your site, where they are coming from and what pages are they interested in). Also, It shows you how to install it into your wordpress website.

Other key points:

  • There are 2 main technics to analyze data, segmentation and context. Segmentation allows you to isolate and analyze parts of your data. Context help you understand if your performance is good or bag. Exterior context can help you to know how you are performing compare to others.
  • Conversions and conversion attribution are used to measure the customer journey. Two types, micro convertions (help understand and gets the customer to conversions) and macro conversions (important action to your business).
  • Attribution is assigning credit for a conversion. There are different types of attributions, the most common are last, first and linear click attribution. In a customer journey some attribution assist and some score goals. Depending in the effectiveness of your attributions you should allocate your online marketing budget accordingly.
  • Good data is the foundation for making smart decisions. Managing and implementing an infrastructure for this data can represent time, people, processes and technologies.
  • In an analytics team you need someone who understands business objectives and strategies, someone who understands analytics and someone with technical skills.
  • To build an analytics infrastructure you need to define a measurement plan, document technical infrastructure, create implementation plan, implement and maintain and refine. This cycle is cyclical or continuous.
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