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How Email Marketing works?

This 3 minutes video give you the reasons why email marketing works very well. It doesn’t matter if you are in B2B or B2C! The fact is that people you are trying to reach are all using emails …

Key points:

  • An email list is a list of people who have signed up to receive emails from you.
  • Having a contact on your email list means that you have permission to contact them and that they want to hear from you!
  • There are many good email software’s that will facilitate, process and reduce the time doing this task.
  • Email return on investment can be as high as a 4300%!
  • Email gives direct access to your customers, meaning you personalize and choose the frequency
  • Email marketing is very simple to use but even nowadays most of small business are using it in the most effective ways.

Steps to Start your Email Marketing

This video from Amy explains in 6 minutes the first 5 essential steps about how to start email marketing. She explains each steps, how to do it and give some recommendations about it. This video shows that it isn’t that hard to start creating a profitable relation with your clients or your potential clients with emails.

Key points

  • The first step to do is to pick an email platform (we suggest to use MailChimp). This platform will host all the email addresses you are collecting in an organized and reliable way. This gives your customer the possibility to unsubscribe if need it.
  • Secondly, create your mailing list. Start simple and create a general first mail list. Be as clear as possible in your return name!
  • Thirdly, create your first auto responder. Email auto responder can be customized and modified depending on your target needs and the type of relation you want to build with them. This can help you a lot to work less and be more efficient.
  • Fourthly, create opt-informs. “Opting in” forms can be presented in a variety of ways (pop-up, dedicated landing pages, built-in widgets) and their goal is to get permission to contact customers or visitors.
  • And finally, you have to prepare you first email campaign. Since the beginning you have to be clear and transparent with your customer. It’s important to let them know about the frequency you are going to contact them and that they can unsubscribe if they wish to.


How to Grow your Email Subscriber List

Once you are set to start sending email, you have to think about the strategy you will apply to build your email list. Ramit explains in his 3 minutes video 2 different tactics that will enable you to grow your list and have a direct connection with your subscribers.

Key points

  • The first strategy is to write one great piece of highly targeted material and get it posted in someone else site. You have to create a really good content and choose a site that has a lot of traffic.
  • The second strategy (can be done simultaneity) is to create a “lead magnet” witch is making a little downloaded nugget (a pdf, short video…). Basically is creating something that people will click and enter their email address to get.
  • In order to get more subscribers you should add this “golden nugget” at the bottom of each blogs post of your website
  • You have to repeat over and over this 2 strategies. Write news pieces for different blogs, go to the market place and search for companies that will accept your guest post.

Using MailChimp for Email Marketing

This 10 minutes video shows how to integrate MailChimp with WordPress. This is a pretty simple step by step technical video.


This video talks about setting up MailChimp on WordPress. This 15 minutes tutorial talks about the following subjects:

  • Why your website needs an email list
  • How to set up email list with MailChimp
  • How to add email subscribe box on WordPress
  • Setting up auto responder & what it is?
  • Tips to get your first email subscribers


Email Marketing Tutorial

If you want to go deep and dig in some particular details, there many others good full tutorial videos available on Youtube such as this 54 minutes one! There is also a guideline made by MailChimp that is really useful, click here!


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