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How to create a blog?

This 4 minutes video gives a really clear explication about what a blog is! It’s a perfect introduction to this suject or a simple quality remainder of the basics.

Key points:

  • A blog is the ultimate expression of you on the web. A blog is the login of one thoughts, ideas, experiences and more, all in one place on the web.
  • Most blogs themes are divided in 4 parts..The header is composed of the tittle or logo and your main navigation menu (links people to your content). The sidebars can have widgets, things to highly, subscription options, social media tools, and lots more … The footer is generally used to display content that doesn’t change but that you want to have easy access, things such as About Us, Contact …The most important things is the body. The main content area is where you share your ideas or thoughts and it is the reason why people visit your site.
  • There is a difference between pages and posts, the first one are usually static and the second is more about the content you provide and comments from users.
  • Comments brings a community to blogs, making them a powerful media of expression and information sharing.
  • Blogs are for everyone and can be used for any reason. It is a great way to connect to others and get your ideas out there


This step by step WordPress blog tutorial talks about the importance of blogging and why this is one of the best ways to grow your business online. This tutorial also explains the difference between a blog and a website. Finally it will show you how to create a blog properly so you can ultimately create a blog business and get paid for your passions! (30 min)

Key points:

  • Blogs allow you to connect with your audience and engage on a deeper level that a website can. One of the main reasons is that webpages are more static and blogs are updated on regular basis. And other main difference is that blog enable your user to comment on your post.
  • Generally Google analytics ranks better blogs in the SEO, the reason is because blogs generate more fresh, relevant and engaging content that a website.
  • To get started and created your blogs, we suggest to use WordPress (simple website building tool)
  • To get your blog running you need to firstly choose your domain name and host, secondly set up your blog on WordPress and finally getting your blog publish online!
  • There are many hosts or websites were you can buy your domain, we suggest Hostgator thanks to their good customer service !


This video explains the importance of choosing the correct theme for your blog or website and gives you really good tips and advices about how to choose. This 11 minutes video can help you make your site look amazing and be functional almost instantly. You can save a lot of time by using already existing structure that feeds your needs instead of building yourself one for your blog or website.

Key points:

  • Before start looking at themes, make a list of what you would like visitors to do when they come to your website. Look for action items, try to get very specific, so you can get a very focus website design. Try to keep the list short to 3 to maximum 4 action items.
  • Pay attention to sales, satisfaction and support. See how much times a theme has been downloaded, check the version… Satisfaction can be check on the reviews, ratings and the ways they interact when user ask questions.
  • Pay attention to structure. Don’t get distracted with widgets and details, focus on the structure and imagine how your content would look like in the theme. Ask yourself if the content makes the theme come alive and not the other ways around. Check that the theme you chose is flexible enough !
  • Look outside your topic and sector. Don’t only look in themes from a specific sector or industry. Most of the times the best themes available can be used by any industry.
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