Business Plan

How to write a business plan?

You can look at your business plan like a road map for success.
It shows you your plan and the strategy you are going to use to reach your objectives.
It helps you manage your performance and make any necessary adjustments to achieve your goals.
Your business plan is a working document to make sure you are going in the right way and following the right path.

This subject seems as one of the most difficult one when you are thinking of creating a start-up…
But no worries, you will have absolutely no difficulty creating your business plan if your are following this
very simple process!
The goal of this article is to briefly explain the main sections of a business plan & to show step by step, how to succeed at creating a good business plan.


For an easy start, here is a 3 min video which explains you what the main sections of a business plan are.

Now you understand what a business plan is, let’s find how to make it!


The 9 steps Business Model Canvas

We recommend to start with this method “The Business Model Canvas“, which helps you to start thinking about your business plan without going in to much details for each section (10 min video):

Key points:

  • This business model canvas is perfect having a first clear idea of your business.
  • It is also a good way of communication between the co-founders & their team.
  • The Business Model Canvas contains 9 boxes to describe any company from the world’s largest to a two person startup company
    • 1) Value proposition: What are you building? Why would your customers buy?
    • 2) Customer: Who are my customers ?
    • 3) Channels: How do your products get to you customers?
    • 4) Customer Relationships: How do I get customers? How do I keep them? How do I grow them?
    • 5) Revenue Stream: How do you actually make money? What revenue model?
    • 6) Key Resources: What are the key resources? What asset are important?
    • 7) Partners: Who are your key partners & suppliers? What exactly are we acquiring from partners?
    • 8) Key activities: What the most important things you need to do to make the business model work?
    • 9) Costs: What are the costs & expenses to operate the business model? Fixed costs? Variable costs?

To learn more about the business model Canvas please check Strategyzer


Business Plan Step by Step

You will need to develop a more detailed version of your business plan to get loans, or funds from investors, or any other particular reason. Before doing so watch this video (7 min) which explains you the main sections & questions to ask to yourself in order to realize your business plan:

Key points:

The main sections for a business plan are the following:

1) Introduction & Company Overview
2) Market & Competitors
3) Sales & Marketing Strategy
4) Operations
5) Financial Information
6) Appendix

Now all you have to do is to start your Business Model Canvas!
Can’t get any easier than that!

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