How to Hire the Best People?

Sam Altman, the CEO of Y Combinator, explains in the best way how to recruit a team (from minute 7 to minute 29)

Key points:

  • The most important things to consider before hiring is to find good co-founders (someone you have known very well before starting the project) ! Go on the “entrepreneurial behavior” to read more about this
  • Try not to hire (try to stay small the first year, or as long as possible)
  • The cost of a bad first hire is very high & this choice is crucial for your company
  • Your first employees will define your company; you need people who believe in your vision & project almost as much as you do
  • When you are in hiring mode, priority #1 should be: hire the best people
    A single mediocre hire
    among the first five employees may really kill your start-up. Don’t compromise!
  • To find employees, think first of your network & your friends. The people you already know !
  • Experience doesn’t matters as much… Most important is attitude
  • Three things you need to consider when you hire people : Are they smart? Do they get things done? Do I want to spend a lot of time around them?

Ideal to finding your first employees, is recruiting among those with whom you have already worked in the past.
If you can’t find anyone you already know, do some side projects with the person you want to hire in order to see how he or she works in real life

Hiring and Team Building

If you want to go deeper into this subject, we recommend you to watch the following video of Michael J Skok.
This video “hiring and team building” is made by Harvard I-lab (2h) :

Key points:

  • Find someone who is passionate about your problematic and your solutions.
    They will work much better if they love what they are doing
  • Find the emotional quotient of the person you are interviewing : Inter-personal skills, connections & relationships are vital in a startup
  • Find someone who will fit perfectly with your company culture & values
  • Find someone with this kind of attitude: Problem solving (fail fast, learn faster) & persistent  

When you are hiring, you need to look for the 3 keys things : Ability, Aptitude & Skills

1) Can he be successful at the job? 
2) Will he really love the job? 
3) Will he fit and reinforce?

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