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Do you want to learn about startup?

Great ! You are in the perfect place : this is why we have created Startup Kit!
First let’s listen to Paul Graham who is the Co-founder & ex CEO of Y Combinator (The best startup accelerator in the world)

Key points :
Startups are very counter intuitive. Here’s a list explaining why:

Startups can be misleading, don’t follow your instinct ! You can trust your instinct about people but not about your business decision.

  • The key for a successful startup is to sought out what your users need. You need to create something people want. The only way to make your startup grow is to make a product that people really love.
  • Starting a startup can be challenging! Startup can be time consuming, it can control your life if you’re not careful. It will never get any easier, the nature of the problem will change but the total volume of worries never decrease. To read more about this subject go and check the article entrepreneurial behavior
  • Don’t start a startup while you are in university. It is very complicated to manage both in the same time. During your studies start different sides projects to help you learn and get experience. Wait for your studies to finish before starting a startup.
  • If you are absolutely terrified of starting a startup you probably shouldn’t do it, Or maybe you are merely unsure of whether you’re going to be able to do it, the only way to find out is to try.
  • A lot of the best startups come from being a side project, don’t rule out all of your ideas.How do you turn your mind into the kind that has startup ideas unconsciously :1) Learn and concentrate about things that matter.
    2) Work on problems that interest you.
    3) Work with people you like and respect , that can lead you to your future cofounder.
  • The ultimate advice is learn!

How and Why to start a Startup

Let’s take the time to listen to Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder of Facebook) & Sam Altam who is the actual CEO of Y Combinator (45min)


You will find below the best websites to improve your knowledge about the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

  • Si vous avez la chance d’être français voici sans hésitation le meilleur lien que nous pouvons vous conseiller:
    • TheFamily  avec leur site internet entièrement dédié à l’apprentissage entrepreunarial Koudetat


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