How to operate

How to work on a daily basis ?

To understand how to operate & how to reach your startup goals in a efficient way we recommend you to watch this video from Sam Altman who is the CEO of Y Combinator.
He explains from the minute 29 how to execute and get things done in your Startup:


Key points :

  • Execution is the most critical part of funding a company.
  • The way of having a company that excuses well is to execute well yourself (the founders). Everything in a startup gets modeled by the founders. Our employees have to see you like an execution machine.
  • Execution gets divided into two questions:
    1) Can you figure out what to do?
    2) Can you get it done?
  • The first concept of get things done is focus : Figured out every day what the 2 or 3 most important things to do then focus on them. You need to work on the right things ! You need to have goals and share them among the employees
    Don’t forget that you always need to focus on growth and momentum
  • The second concept of get things done is intensity: Startups only work at a fairly intense level. The secret of a success for a startup is extreme focus and extreme dedication. Startup are not the best choice for work-life balance.
    What of the big advantages that the startups have is the execution speed and you have to have this relentless operating rhythm. But at the same time you need to be obsessed with very high quality standard.
    You need to move fast and to do it well.
    The best founders work on things that looks small but they move very quickly & get things done very quickly.
    They are quick, do whatever it takes, don’t give up and are courageous.
  • A winning team feels good by winning. Always keep momentum ! Figure it out where you can have this small win and get it down

How to operate?

This video talks about how to operate (Keith Rabois, Partner at Khosla Ventures and former COO of Square). It is a really complete and extended 45 minutes talk:

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